Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last minute traveling

It is said that doing thing at the last minute is human nature, especially if it involves something unpleasant. . Take filing income tax return for example. Tell me how many people enjoy filling in the annual income tax return form. Those filing their income tax return forms earlier are a rare minority. Pay a visit to the Inland Revenue Department on the last day for submitting the income tax return form and you will be greeted by a huge crowd all scrambling to submit their income tax return form in time to avoid getting fined for being late.

Traveling is another matter. One may travel for business or leisure. Most people plan their travels well in advanced of the day of departure. There are some who do not like to plan but may travel on impulse at the last minute. Businessmen may be suddenly faced with some critical situations which necessitate travel at the last minute. Traveling at the last minute can be really stressful.

However we are lucky that there are websites which can assist with booking last minute flights and last minute accommodation.

Now if you ask me which airline is the best in the world, I will tell you that it is the Singapore Airlines. Perhaps I am a bit biased as the CEO of Singapore Airlines was DR. CK Cheong (Dr. Cheong Choong Kong, now retired) was my Statistics lecturer. Dr. CK Cheong led Singapore Airlines (SIA) to become one of the best in the world. No, I don't think I am biased. SIA have received many international awards.

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