Friday, January 12, 2007

United States Visa Information

United States Visa Information
by: Manu Goel

The United States provides different types of visas to foreigners those who want to live permanently in the country and those who intend to visit temporarily for some purpose. For temporary visitors or non-immigrants, there is student visa, business visa, tourist visa, special visa for dignitaries and journalists, etc. People who want to live permanently in the country can avail immigrant visa or green card.

Foreigners who wish to work in the US on a temporary basis can also apply for H-1B visa. To be eligible for H-1B visa, a job offer from a US employer is essential. Unlike a student, tourist visa, the foreigners cannot directly apply for this visa. The prospective employer has to file a petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). If the USCIS approves the petition then the foreign worker can be hired on H-1B visa.

Otherwise, foreigners can apply for other visas at the US embassy and consulate in their native country. It is very easy to get a tourist or business visa and it is issued in a few weeks. But there is no certainty that you will be provided the non-immigrant visa. Due to security reasons, your applications can be cancelled or process of issuing visa can be deferred. Hence, you may be called for another round of interview or provide additional information

For immigrants, the US State Department conducts a lottery in which it randomly selects 50,000 applicants from across the world to provide permanent residency visas or green cards. The administration will hold such lottery in 2007, for which it has short listed 82,000 people out of more than 5.5 million applicants. US government website provides information on visa policies and procedure.

It is also important that you need to fill in your application form properly as many visa seekers get rejected due to improper filling up application forms.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The Most Popular Sports In The United States

The Most Popular Sports In The United States
by: Sintilia Miecevole

All around the globe, on any given day, you will find some sort of sports event on your local television station or on cable. With networks dedicated solely to sports, you can find things like boxing, bowling, fishing, basketball, football, baseball and soccer on 24 hours a day! Most days you will be able to see sports live, either by watching pee-wee, high school, college and even professional sports events. Most ticket prices for local sports are reasonable and you and your whole family can enjoy the excitement of the game!

When you look at the citizens of the United States, there are several sports that seem to be much more popular than others. They, of course, will cost you a bit more to attend, but the thrill of being there will make the price well worth it. The most popular sports in the United States today, being watched live and on screens, are:

1. Baseball is one of the top sports being played in the United States. Having been played in the United States the longest, baseball attracts millions of fans to ball fields every year. There isn’t just professional baseball to keep many Americans busy, though. Proud parents everywhere enjoy watching their children learn and play the game. What a great feeling when you see your child hit the ball or score a run! As the old song goes, “Take me out to the ball game!”. When it comes to sports, professional and amateur, baseball is ranked right up there at the top.

2. Football began as a college sport in the United States in the mid 1800s. Football is truly the “American Sport”, since it is played in the United States exclusively. It has grown from being played only in college to having professional teams and being played by students in both elementary and high schools. The Super Bowl is one of the most watched television events when it comes to sports, and it determines which one of the many professional football teams will be considered the best for that year!

3. Basketball is a popular sport worldwide. The number of people around the world playing basketball can reach a staggering 300 million! Basketball is one of the only professional sports in the United States to welcome foreign players onto teams, with many players of professional basketball being recruited from other countries and brought to the United States to play.

4. Hockey is one of the newer sports gaining popularity with the American public. It did not originate in the United States, but it has found its way into our sporting life and become one of the fastest growing sports. Ice hockey is the most popular form of this sport, with street hockey being popular with older kids everywhere.

You may be asking “Where is golf and soccer on this list?” Well, although both sports are gaining in popularity, neither one meets the level of fans of the sports listed above.

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