Sunday, April 20, 2008

Green (environmentally friendly) sport club - Boston Red Sox

Green (environmentally friendly) sport club, Boston Red Sox

Here is one sport club that will have a tough time deciding whether to wear red or green jerseys. Name of the sport club is Boston Red Sox, but they are one of the few sport clubs who are adopting environmentally friendly practices, so should they wear green jerseys instead?

A previous Google Blogger blogger and a reader of my Blogger related blogs who (sigh!!!) have moved to Wordpress alerted me about Red Sox because she is both a gourmet enthusiast as well as a great supporter of sustainable seafood choices. It seems Boston Red Sox is managed by ARAMARK which is in turn a partner of Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program whose team owners and members are conscious of their role in encouraging good environmental awareness and good environmental stewardship. She would like to spread the message around.

Her message resonates with this blogger's aspiration for he (nickname Enviroman) too have a few environmental blogs, among which is Enviroman Says, and environmental blog and Enviroman intend to do exactly that, help spread the message around.

Well, here is the link to Can Fenway Park Get Any Greener?.

I will probably publish another post about sport clubs going environmentally friendly at Enviroman Says, and environmental blog when I find the time.

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JacquelineC said...

Peter, Thanks for the shout out! What a gorgeous photo. I'm just getting my urban garden going this year. Started a trend in my alley lots of windowboxes and fire escape planters now!