Thursday, October 4, 2007

Wedding Photographers Directory by States

I am old enough to have memories of weddings of long ago. The family will just get a relative or friend who has a camera and some skills to help. Today's generation is different. They have different expectations for their (hopefully) once a lifetime event. They want something more professional. I know because I have married off 2 daughters, and both of them engaged professional photographers. I have to admit that they did a much better job at what used to pass off as wedding photographs. Not only did they produced beautiful photographs to keep memories alive, the professional photographers even produced impressive slide shows for the wedding receptions. Reluctant to admit it, but it was much better than the weddings of the past. Was nice to see myself on the screen at the wedding reception too, as the brides' father.

But how do you go about getting a professional photographer for your wedding? Some get them by word of mouth. With the ubiquitous Internet, you can now search for the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding. One way is to go to find wedding photographers. There you will find all the states of the United States of America listed. If you are looking for wedding photographers in California, go to California wedding photographers. Happened to be in Texas? There is Texas wedding photographers.

If you happen to be a professional photographer, there is a provision for you to list on that site. Unfortunately, when you click "Add listing", at the time of publishing, I got a message "Details soon....". Perhaps by the time you read this post, they will have the details up. Clicking on "Contact" produced the same "Details soon...." message. I am no professional photographer, so you may ask why I am so interested. The reason is I have a friend who is a professional photographer who do wedding photographs, and she is a member of WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International). See Mana Photo Graphics for your wedding photos, I would like to let her know about this site. Perhaps I will try again later.

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