Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Accommodation for students of University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

One of the 16 public state in the state of North Carolina is the Universities of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill which specializing in medicine and law. If you happen to have children taking their tertiary studies at UNC Chapel Hill, you will be worried about getting affordable and safe accommodation for your children. If so, it looks like you are in luck because there seem to be a charitable person or group of persons who have set up a website to help in this respect. I am referring to UNC Chapel Hill student apartments or UNCLiving, and it says "For the students, by the students" on that site. I don't see any advertisements which means some kindly soul or souls are financing the site. On my part, I wouldn't mind seeing a couple of ads, as it is only fair to try to recover some of your cost, if only to try to cover for hosting fees, etc, but no, not a single ad on their site other than the free classified ads.

OK, I found some information on how the above site came about. UNCLiving.com was founded by Sir Joe and Sir Billy (not even their full name is revealed, shows how humble they are) sometime late in the fall of 2006 (obtained from About Us). After creating NCSULiving and getting such good feedback, the two could not help themselves to continue to expand. The basic idea is that students need a way to search for living accomodations without driving from place to place or being at the mercy of a property manager. To that I would say a big AYE because I have an environmental site Enviroman Says and I know very well the wastage in time, precious fossil fuel, and increment to the green house gasses that driving from place to place to hunt for accommodation will involve.

And at their Site Map, I saw a link The Warehouse (this don't seem to be a part of UNCLiving site, and the term Warehouse don't convey an idea of condusive living) where for a total cost per month is just $595.00, you get water, electricity, T-1 internet access, cable TV, fire safety features, locked main entrance with intercom and remote lock, key card access, guard on duty every night, fitness center, large capacity, stackable, GE washer and dryer in every apartment, located just three blocks west of the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill so it is not necessary to drive or even take the bus (another plus for the environmentally and fitness concious) and is located in the heart of downtown Chapel Hill within easy walk to more than fifty restaurants.

Some of the sites listed in their Site Map even have the blueprints (plans) of their apartments published. An example is Autumn Woods Blueprints so you will know exactly what you will be getting.

Looks like a really interesting and environmentally friendly site to me, something I myself will like to create if I have the ability.

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